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What’s holding you back?

Bored at the Gym?

Karate is fitness with a purpose! Our workouts keep you engaged while you continually learn new skills and techniques. Karate trains your mind and your body.

Am I the Right Age?

The goal of karate is to become a better version of yourself! Our classes will bring benefits to students of all ages.

Hesitant to Start?

Just take that first step through the door and you will find a friendly community that welcomes beginners! You will find it surprisingly fun.

Will I Lose Weight?

You will burn calories but will be too busy learning cool kicks, blocks and punches to notice! It’s a life-long practice that will improve your health in many ways.

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How Karate Will Benefit You

Learn Self-Defense

Learn very powerful and practical close-range strikes and blocks for self-defense.

Enhance Your Focus

Improved focus, concentration, and listening skills gained from karate will improve performance in school and work.

Develop Greater Confidence

Karate develops confidence, not only in the fact that you will be able to defend yourself, but through pushing yourself to greater heights in every training.
our barrie martial arts and karate school logo

Learn Self-Defense

Learn very powerful and practical close-range strikes and blocks for self-defense.

Achieve Self-Control

Children especially develop a sense of self-control and respect for themselves and others.

Reduce Stress

Learn breathing techniques to reduce stress and improve your sense of well being.


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The best way to achieve your goals is to set a plan into action. Join our community and get on the road to becoming the best version of yourself!

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What Others are saying about Lewis Karate

I have trained at other martial arts schools. At Lewis, the philosophy and instruction are unsurpassed. I can’t say enough about the two high-level black belt instructors. They are passionate about training and patient with their students at all levels. The students are respectful of each other and no one is there to prove how tough they are. The higher belts are always willing to share techniques during the fundamental and free classes. In helping each other, we all get better. I have been training at Lewis for 3 years have learned something new at each and every class I have attendend

– Michael Smith
Barrie, Ontario
My son has been training at Lewis’ Karate School for almost six years now. In that time, I have seen my shy four-year old become a confident and self-assured young boy. This is all due to the phenomenal training program and instructors at the school. Whether your child has a learning disability, medical condition that requires special attention, or is just looking to enjoy the karate experience, every student is treated accordingly and with great attention. Lewis’ Karate School is a great atmosphere for students to gain self-confidence and life learning skills as well as a love of the martial arts.
– Sarah G.
Stroud, Ontario
The Lewis team is truly and extension of our family. I know with confidence that each day I never have to worry about where he is, what he is doing and that he is okay. Along with that he is working on developing his skill in karate and gaining the confidence and focus which this provides. I often have people ask how I can manage everything given the challenges I have. My answer is with a strong support team. Lewis’ Karate is an integral part of that support network for me and for Andrew. Enrolling Andrew both with Lewis Karate and the After School Program is perhaps one of the best decisions that I have made.
– Rolanda D.
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