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Get the best start in your martial arts training with our Barrie Karate Classes

Free 30 day introductory program

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Embark on an invigorating journey of physical and mental transformation with our adult karate classes. Expertly designed to combine karate/kickboxing fundamentals and efficient self-defense techniques, our training sessions cater to all adult levels (from age 14 onwards), offering a compelling workout that tests your limits.

Experience the Power Kempo of Karate with our Barrie Martial arts academy

One of the world’s most popular martial arts and proven effective by many of the world’s best combat sport athletes like Georges St Pierre, Lyoto Machida, Stephen Wonder Boy Tompson is clearly an effective, dynamic, and exciting striking system that works in real combat..

Derived from the time-honored art of Kempo Karate, our classes promise a dynamic pattern of training. Not only will our training enhance your physique—build agility, coordination, and overall fitness—but it also cultivate a deeper understanding of the inherent martial arts virtues of discipline, focus, fortitude, and respect.

Truly, the value of our adult karate classes in Barrie extends far beyond mere physical benefits. Why just break a sweat when you can also break through limitations and emerge a stronger, more confident version of yourself?

Martial arts to unleash your inner strength

As a member of our adult martial art training programs, you’ll not just build physical muscles but also mental strength. Our training gives you the chance to refine your focus, boost your resilience, and sharpen your discipline—skills that go a long way in every aspect of life.

Expert Instruction for the best in martial arts education

Each and every instructor at Lewis’ Karate Schools is held to the highest standards of teaching Martial Arts; each has obtained a minimum rank of Black Belt (although most of our instructors are second-degree black belts or higher). Our instructors are aware of the different wants and needs that a five-year-old student may have versus a 50-year-old student. Instructors at Lewis’ Karate Schools are constantly tested, trained, and taught the newest, most successful teaching methods through various seminars, weekly training sessions, and guest seminars. Our instructors take pride in teaching others how to improve themselves as well as sharing their skills with others. We are proud of our instructors!

Great karate training for all levels -From White Belt to Black belt

Regardless if you’re a brand-new white belt or a seasoned black belt, our adult classes will help build your skill level. Structured around the main pillars of karate: basics (kihon), forms (kata), and sparring (kumite); we offer a well-rounded approach that integrates health, fitness, and discipline into your everyday life.

Gain More than Just Martial Arts Skills

By integrating traditional karate fundamentals for all skill levels, our adult classes aim to churn out learners who are fit, balanced, strong, agile, and exude self-confidence. More than a training ground, our dojo promises to be a sanctuary for personal development.

Take Your First Step Today

Interested? Ready to take on a fresh challenge that will give you real-world fitness and self-defense while helping you work towards inner mastery? Reach out to us. We offer a free 30 day introductory program to show exactly why Lewis’ Karate Systems is your #1 choice for martial arts and fitness in Barrie and surrounding areas.

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